looking to book a birthday party or corporate event?

Birthday parties, corporate events, and social gatherings at Spark Virtual Reality are entirely unforgettable and completely worry-free.


What's included?

  • All four virtual reality bays (We close the whole store down for you!)
  • A dedicated employee for the duration of the event
  • Every game/experience in our games library
  • Multiplayer access
  • Extra tables for any outside food, drinks, or decorations
  • Group tutorial to get everyone familiar with the VR equipment

1 Hour 50 Minute Private Event


(Recommended for 8-16 people)*

2 Hour 50 Minute Private Event


(Recommended for 16-24 people)*

3 Hour 50 Minute Private Event


(Recommended for 24-30 people)*

*Group sizes are only recommendations. We will work together to find the perfect event for you.

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