Spark VR is a brand new arcade designed to make VR fun and engaging.


Let’s figure this out together.


Ever been bowling? Well, at Spark, you play in a “VR bay” rather than a lane, and from that bay, you and your friends take turns selecting from Spark’s virtual reality experiences!


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(Who can play?)

Is there an age or height restriction?
We allow all ages, but we do have a 56” height restriction for participating. Any age and height is allowed to spectate though!

Can I play if I wear glasses?
Absolutely! Most glasses will fit inside of our VR headsets. However, if you do have contacts, we have found that they are more comfortable.

Can I play in a wheelchair?
Yes you can! Our gaming side is entirely wheelchair accessible, so you will be able to play most games. The racing simulators are more challenging to enter, so are handled on a case by case basis. Stop by anytime and let one of our staff know if you would like to test if it works for you!

Will I be able to play if I’ve never tried VR before?
Our favorite guests are those that haven’t tried VR before because we pride ourselves on making VR accessible for everyone! You’ll have a great time.

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(What’s the cost?)

Can I reserve a bay?
Gaming bays can be reserved through our website ahead of time. Click here to do so!

Racing bays cannot be reserved ahead of time, but have shorter sessions, so an empty seat is usually less than 20 minutes away!

Is pricing per person?
No. We think VR is best as a group, so we only charge for the bay. Each bay can support up to 4 people taking turns in the headset.

What does a gaming bay cost?
Our gaming bays run in 55 minute sessions. Each bay includes one VR headset and costs $45 for one 55 minute session.

What does a racing bay cost?
Our racing bays run in 20 minute sessions (usually about 4 races). Each bay includes one full motion racing simulator and costs $30 for one 20 minute session.

What about big parties of 15 or more people?
Click here to explore party options.

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(What else should i know?)

What hours are you open?
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 2PM–10PM
Wednesday: 2PM–10PM
Thursday: 2PM–10PM
Friday: 2PM–12AM
Saturday: 12PM–12AM
Sunday: 12PM–8PM

Are there multiplayer games?
Yes indeed and they are awesome! In order to do multiplayer gaming or racing, simply purchase multiple bays. We will always make sure that your bays are next to each other.

What types of payment do you accept?
We only accept credit cards. We are a cashless facility.

Where is Spark?
425 Talcottville Road, Vernon, CT 06066

My question is not listed here. How can I contact Spark?
Send us an email at and we will get back to you soon!

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