common questions

This page is designed to help visitors understand what to expect from virtual reality (VR) at Spark VR and assist in booking their first hours.

What is Spark VR?
Spark VR is Connecticut's first virtual reality arcade. We have 4 VR gaming zones at our store in Vernon.
Our games range from peacefully swimming with fish to fighting off hordes of zombies. We promise that there is something for everyone to enjoy.
Check out the Gallery and the video below for a peek inside Spark VR!


Where is Spark VR?
Just off I-84 in Vernon, CT. Click here for directions.

How many people are allowed in a gaming zone?
Each gaming zone supports 1 - 5 people. One person will be playing VR while the others watch the gameplay on our huge projection screens and provide personal commentary with microphones.

What does it cost and how old do I have to be?
$40 per gaming zone for a 55 minute session. We want to encourage groups, so our pricing is NOT per person. Ages 10+ are allowed to do VR, but any age may come to watch.

I have never done VR before, will I be able to play?
Absolutely! We provide a brief tutorial for all Spark VR visitors which is equal parts informative and entertaining.

I've heard that VR causes motion sickness, is that true?
Not at Spark VR! We test all of our games extensively to make sure that even the most sensitive of stomachs have nothing to worry about.

Can I wear glasses while playing VR?
Most glasses fit comfortably inside our virtual reality headsets, but some large frame glasses do not. We recommend wearing contacts if you can.

What types of games and experiences do you have?
Spark VR offers a large variety of games from zombie survival to swimming with fish. We promise there is something for everyone.

Can I change games/experiences?
Absolutely! Once you put the headset on, you are in complete control. We have a virtual reality menu inside of the headset where you can pick what you would like to do. If you don't like your first choice, changing games is only a button click away!

How long do the games and experiences last?
The games and experiences can be played for as long as you would like within your time slot.

What equipment will I use at Spark VR?
We use the HTC Vive as our exclusive VR equipment.

Where do I book?

In order to keep our customers safe and our equipment in good condition, we have a few simple rules:

  1. One person allowed in the gaming area at a time
  2. Controller wrist straps must be worn at all times while using VR
  3. Virtual safety boundaries in headset must be obeyed

If unsure about Spark VR equipment usage or any of the rules above, please contact a staff member.

For parties, large groups, or off-hour availability, click here.