Thursday: 6PM - 10PM

Friday: 6PM - 11PM

Saturday: 12PM (Noon) - 10PM

Sunday: 12PM (Noon) - 7PM


$40/hour per gaming zone (Not per person)

Each Spark VR gaming zone has access to our entire library of games. There is one VR headset that is freely shared among the members of the party along with a giant projection screen to keep everyone entertained. Each party can be 1-5 people. Larger groups require multiple zones.

Contact info:

Email: info@SparkVirtualReality.com

Phone: 860-996-0934

Address: 425 Talcottville Road, Unit E, Vernon CT 06066



spark VR's origin

Spark Virtual Reality (Spark VR) is the creation of Matthew McGivern and Joseph Eilert. Matt and Joe lived across the hall from each other freshman year at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Matt is a graduate of Rensselaer's business school while Joe studied engineering, but both are passionate about creating a perfect customer experience. The idea for Spark VR was born in the Spring of 2016 and has been evolving ever since.

We hope that our varied expertise and points of view are apparent from the moment that you step into Spark VR. Spark VR represents the crossroads of cutting edge technology and user-focused design. Both of us are excited to keep improving the Spark VR experience, so if you see anything that can be improved or just want to say hello, please come up to us in store or send us an email at info@SparkVirtualReality.com.

Matt (Left) and Joe (Right)

Matt (Left) and Joe (Right)

Well you've read this much, so you must be pretty interested in Spark VR. Why not go ahead and book an hour with us. We'll even put this button right here just for you.


Contact Spark!

Email: info@SparkVirtualReality.com

Phone: 860-996-0934

Mail: We appreciate the enthusiasm, but maybe start with an email.