Reserve your
very own bay.

Participants must be 56” or taller

Update: We’ve dropped our normal Gaming price of $52 to $44 for all of November to thank you all for your support! See you soon!


Gaming - $44

per bay, 55 minutes

Similar to a lane at a bowling alley, each bay has 1 VR headset which up to 4 people can take turns using.

Station Infographic v11.jpg

• 55-minute session

• Up to 4 people per bay


Racing - $20

per person, per race

• One 10-minute race

• Reserve multiple bays for head-to-head racing


Private Event

• Gaming Event: $400 (10-20 people)

• Full Store Event: $1250 (15-60 people)

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What’s the difference between gaming and racing?
Click the links below to explore.