Spark VR is a brand new arcade designed to make VR fun and engaging.

why spark vr

We're the originators of social virtual reality.

Our goal is to bring people together to share in new and incredible experiences.

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Leave yesterday behind.

today we play.

Everyone needs an escape. Step into virtual reality and transform yourself and the world around you. The Spark VR games are designed to create a perfect experience for novices and experts. With an always rotating selection, we promise that there is something new every visit.



start your engines.

it's time to race.

If you're ready to try something brand new, Spark VR is home to the single most entertaining racing experience out there. Press the gas pedal and feel the powerful engine kick you into your seat. Take the first turn a little too fast and hear the tires squeal for traction. Pass your friend in the final turn as you take the win and the bragging rights until next race. We dare you not to giggle.


discover a new way to connect.

designed for groups.

Spark VR was created to bring people together in a unique and comfortable environment where virtual reality is just an awesome bonus. Hang out at your bay's table and provide commentary as friends and family explore virtual worlds. Two huge standing tables provide an excellent place to gather your friends before or after your session.


craft soda for kids.

craft beer for adults.

Our unique selection of beer, wine, and soda is almost entirely sourced from Connecticut. We know you all have a favorite big brew, but check out what is in stock over at the bar to discover a new local hero.